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Collecting The Simpsons Book! (SIGNED)


This is a signed copy of my first book - Collecting The Simpsons: The Merchandise and Legacy of our Favorite Nuclear Family. Supplies are limited!

At 336 pages, myself along with James and Lydia Hicks from The Simpsons Theory, explore several aspects of Simpsons merchandise and fandom - from the toys, to the comics, to the video games, all the way to the physical Simpsons home. Didn't know about that? The book will explain!

Not only will you find info about some of the strangest and most sought after Simpsons products, but this book is jam packed with full color photos!

At checkout, feel free to request any special comments. I will make it out to whoever you want!

Thank you in advance for grabbing this special copy! It really does mean a lot.